Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random musings..

Is there something like partial honesty?like say you are honest about this not about that? Sometimes this confuses me.Does anyone who is completely honest exist?

Once my friends and I went to a shop to buy some stuff and he gave us bak more money than he should have.We realised this a minute after we left the shop and one of my friends thought that going back to return the money was stupidity....(tho by popular vote we went bak)

Another time someone was telling me how they went to a 5-star hotel and the restaurant forgot to charge them for some dessert..and they did not offer to pay as anyways the restaurant earned enough profit..seemed weird thinking to me..the hotel earned money for its services..even tho it may have exorbitant provided justified service..not paying seemed dishonesty to me when they were relating the story , but again it seemed stupidity to them..

Different people have different sets of morality i guess..its wrong to judge anyone also..the best thing is to stick by your conscience and not go by people's definition of things..

I am the sort of person whom cheating or dishonesty doesnt suit..i never cheat normally in exams..the one time recently i did , in a small quiz, i got the question about getting immediate real grateful to God for this:D:D..coz really prevents me from doing wrong as i immediately get paid for it..

Sometimes i lose out because of I dont cheat in exams as almost everyone does..but i think tat everything is compensated somewhere so maybe the luck i get someplace else is because i got less marks where i was honest..or maybe the bad luck people get someplace else is because they cheated somewhere and got more than they deserved..coz finally you always get what you deserve..

In shantaram they say that the more you try to change things, the worse they become..

I am trying to figure out whether i believe in this statement..Can we change the world..or not..


nimit said...

OK nice post .... but honesty as love or hate is a relative term ... you can never say i am 80% honest or 100 % honest cuz thats how human nature is .... so abt partial honesty .... i say every honest person out there is partially honest because we decide our actions on our perceptions..which is a complex mix of out ideals which in turn are made from our childhood, friends ,organization and home ...

consider Robin Hood .... to the people of his village he was the most honest and compassionate man ...but to the english duke he was the most dishonest person in the world

and abt changing and things becoming worse ... well whenever you change something previous forces resist it but that doesn't mean we shud stop cuz if it is good it will itself change those resisting forces

Anonymous said...

go and kill that person who's answer u copied that person must be a fool and a real jerk ********.............

gurveen said...

@nimit:yup its the percentile not the percentage:D:D..dunno abt the changing part tho..if uv read shantaram and tat mouse example..where he tames this mouse in prison and it is crucified by the next prisoner..makes me a little unsure abt whether we have any rite to change..tho am still debating on it..not sure wat i thnk till now..

@anonymous:naa..not really the person's fault:)my decision to copy rite?

yash said...

Honest with "the honest", and Dishonest with "the dishonest" !!

Being honest with the dishonest is utter foolishness !!

gurveen said...

dunt think i agree wid tat..honesty is a prinicple..u dont change ur principles depending on people you're dealing with..

yash said...

Dynamism is inseperable from mankind !!,,you adopt those principles which comfort you the most.
Selfish nature of human compells him to keep his principles and morals flexible.

yash said...

Well give an geniune answer to this question :
Suppose you are in one of the most coveted jobs .You commit a mistake which proves fatal for the firm. But your boss relies tremendously on you because of your honesty ,sincerity and dedication to previous assignments. Now if your carelessness is proved , he has got no other choice but to expell you !!.So, he comes up to you and enquires whether or not you have done this mistake , what would say “yes” or “no”??
One has to face far more complicated and difficult situations than the above.Be pragmatic!! Life is far beyond the scope of excerpts of any goddamn book. Sometimes , you have to forget principles to survive. Its a ruthless world ,where flexibility is imperative,to avoid distress and sufferings!!

Achilles's Heel said...

to each one his own dharma as they say..
but once decided honesty is about not going back on it.

gurveen said...

@yash:call me foolish but i wud say "yes"..instead of having to live with the weight that someone else may have been punished for what i did...
i am pretty much sure that i can live my life being honest..i have seen people around me living dad as an example..who has been close to losing a promotion but has not done the wrong thing just for success..nd finally he is i really believe tat i can live life wid my principles..and am happy wid watever success i get wid it..even tho it may be less or da money may be less than if i had cheated..but as i wrote in da blog u always get wat u deserve..and im sure the honesty wil pay off somewhr..and btw a principle which is flexible is not really a principle

but as varun's(achilles heel) rightly said i guess "to each one his own dharma"..

wdp said...

"i am pretty much sure that i can live my life being honest"

You can...if you change your defination of honesty from time to time.

"u always get wat u deserve"
in what time-span, is very important.

"i really believe tat i can live life wid my principles"
you can live your life according to your principle in two cases: 1. You dont care about what happens to others...means total selfishness and 2. Your principle is to change principle according to the situation.

"principle which is flexible is not really a principle"
'flexibility in principle' is also a principle. :)

wdp said...

and about changing the world:
what i bliv is, you cant change the world. You cant even change a single person. but you can help people in exploration of their true-self. (and you can call this breakthrough 'a change')

And I think thats good too. it prevents convincing people to change your mindset. You own conscience can change yourself. Other factors are just a catalyst. So..what I bliv is, you can be the catalyst and only catalyst.

gurveen said...

definitions dont change for a lot of things..mayb they change for some but i cant think of such examples..
but things like say accepting a bribe is dishonest and this definition wont change..similarly letting someone else get the flak for your fault at work maybe is wrong..dis definition also doesnt change..

time span being your whole life..u get paid bak in dis life itself i believe..

i dont think following ones principles is selfishness..

and i dont consider principles flexible..

as about changing the world..nice still undecided on tat..

Ravali said...

when u delete comments remove them forever :P

Ravali said...

i once copied in class 4 and i changed the ans frm potato to tomato or tomato to potato....and i wrote the right thing and copied the wrong...even i stopped copying aftr tht...but thanx to pani....i started it in flu mech in 2nd yr again :P
cant go more than objectives though :D

wdp said...

well...I can give u exapmles. But..its useless coz this topic is very subjective.

You yourself are the best judge of your honesty and that is it. :)

gurveen said...

@ravali:i dint delete dem be..the ppl who wrote dem deleted i dint knw i cud remove...will check in settings..and i remember ur tomato potato story:)hav had dis discussion wid u on this before i think..

@wdp:true..the best judge is ur own self:)..very true..

yash said...

@achilles' heal & gurveen: they also say "apne pair pe kulhadi nahi maari jaati".

@ ravali: you helped me once with one question in flu and I got it correct ,,:D,,thnx!!

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