Tuesday, August 15, 2006

relish life

Relish life
In this fast paced world of competition, we are so busy running in a rat race that we have forgotten how to live life. We are so busy doing this and that, fretting to meet deadlines, working overtime to earn that extra rupee that we have forgotten the purpose of all this. This is where we are going wrong and giving a wrong impression to the future generation that money is everything. I recently read Lee Iacocca’s autobiography in which he has stated that however busy he was in his life at Ford, he always tried his best to take out the weekends for his family. He went on to express that you are a failure as a manager if you can manage such heavy schedules but not find time for family life. How true! What is the point of achieving tremendous success if you can’t find time for your own little pleasures?

Think deeply. When was the last time you sat and watched the rain for a few minutes? When was the last time you cooked something special with pleasure? When was the last time you had a cup of coffee or tea with relish? When was the last time you spoke to yourself? When was the last time you took your spouse out for dinner? Can’t remember?

Well, that’s not surprising. In facing the bigger problems in life we tend to forget the smaller joys. We don’t need to be rich to encash these joys. These are ours, just waiting to be relished. Next time you come out of your office and its raining, don’t rush to your car, get a little wet. Take your spouse out some evening. Sit and watch the rain someday while sipping your tea. As someone rightly said- life is an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts…


Im scared today..scared of dreaming and thinking of stuff I might not be able to have..there are things that I think I want but am not allowed to get..wat do I do?break the restrictions?or continue living as I am..there are things I think I would be happy with but I will end up hurting some of my loved ones..what should I do??shud I follow my heart or the rules set for me??
Scared today

Scared to dream
In case I dream too much

Scared to think
In case I think too much

Scared to hope
In case my hopes are shattered

Scared to expect
In case I am disappointed

Scared to be happy
In case I reach the peak and fall

But still dreaming
Being happy

And finally happiness is what that matters:-p

aapse milkar

aapse milkar kuch ajab sa ho gaya hai
jaise tanhayee se prem ho gaya hai
sab ke saath hotein hai to tanhai ko taraste hain
aur tanhai mein aapke baare mein bi sochte hain
dil ko ek ajab sa sukoon milta hai
jab aapke khayal ka phool dil mein khilta hai
tanha hotein hai to aapke shabdon ko taraste hain
ichha karte hain ke apko ehsaas ho hamari tanhayi ka
kabhi socha na tha ki hamaare aise haal honge
ki jisse bole bina raha na jaata tha
wahi apni chuppi mein sukh paati hai
niraala hai ye ishqjo chanchal ko shaant banata hai
pehle bhi aapke shabd meethe lagte the
par ab to weh shehed lagte hain
aapse kuch der baat na hoto sab kuch adhoora lagta hai
ek pal ke liye jhalak mil jaayeto hi din poora lagta hai
ye prem hi hai
jo chitt ko swach kar
mann ko khush kar
aanand prapt karwata hai
baaki sab tuch haijhuth hai
prem hi sach hai

i stil remember

I still remember..

I still remember those nights
Moonlit, starry nights
When hand in hand we walked away
Walked away to eternal bliss
That slight fragrance of jasmine
That familiar scent of your body
I still remember..

I still remember those days
Sunny, warm winter days
When together on the green grass we lay
Lay, feeling content
That brightness of the flowers
That sight of your smile
I still remember..

I still remember those times
Depressed, frustrated, dark times
When you held me
Held me as never before
The way you kissed my eyes
The way you gave me strength
I still remember..

You have taken away a lot
Left me quite bereft
But there are things you left behind
The memories, the touch, the feel
You can’t take them away
As they, are mine
So I still remember
I still remember..

Note: inspired by the songs of silsilay. Perspective of rekha (chandni) after amitabh bachhan (amit) leaves her to marry jaya (shobha). The movie has awesome poetry narrated by amitabh. My favourite lines from this poem are “You have taken away a lot, left me quite bereft”. They somehow touch me deeply.