Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ghajini - a disappointment

A badly directed movie.
The action looks like in a South Indian Rajnikant flick.
Illogical show of strength and no use of guns and strategy.
Its like a collage. Different scenes just put together.
Except Aamir and the heroine, acting is very loose.
Aamir exposes more than the girl, and sadly his body is too much for his short height.
I expected much more from this movie:(

Shahrukh and Rab de rule the day!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ek garam chai ki pyaali ho!

After a cup of hot steaming coffee and a a chocolate doughnut, it struck me that there were so many existing coffee cafes in India: Barista, Mocha, Cafe Coffee Day, Cuppa Coffee..and many more rumored to be opening soon: Starbucks, Gloria Jeans Coffee..but why don't we have any branded places for tea?

The only pseud place for tea that I have seen is Oxford Bookstore's Cha Bar in South Bombay. (By the way, thats one place you'll enjoy going to. They have so many different types of tea, and cool-looking designer cups, saucers and teapots. Though, I can't guarantee the taste of tea, as when I went there I had had a heavy lunch hence could only have a sip from someone else's tea.)

So coming back to the issue that there are really no pseud places which are made especially for tea in India. I guess we believe tea is something we will enjoy more at the nukkad shop rather than at a Barista? Now , I am more of a tea person. Infact, I like making tea a lot. Especially masala tea with kali mirch(pepper), dalchini(cinnamon), long(clove) and adrak(ginger). Throw it all in water, watch the water turn golden, then add chai patti(tea) and watch the water go black. Let it boil and add milk, making it go the muddy tea brown. Then pour it into colorful cups and tadaaaa..enjoy one of the most popular, tastiest drinks of India:). Nostalgically, remembering this whole routine, I once ordered tea at CCD. The waiter kept hot water, milk and tea bags on the table (for Rs. 32) and went off, allowing me to do the honours. I cribbed and cribbed for whole 24 hours till I got to have good tea in the hostel the next day.

Well, I wish someone would feel the same love for tea and open a chain of cool tea cafes. Or maybe I will, after 7-8 when I have enough money. Hmm, a cool startup idea. If someone plans to borrow the idea, do give me free coupons to your tea cafe.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton

This is my collection of The Secret Seven series, considerably less as the books used to be thinner than Famous Five hence I was never keen on buying them as they finished too soon.

The Secret Seven were a group of child detectives. Lead by Peter, the society consisted of his sister Janet, their dog Scamper and their friends: Jack, Colin, George, Pam, Barbara. The secret seven normally met at a shed in Peter and Janet's house. To enter there meetings, all of them had to say the password that they had decided upon in the previous meeting and had to carry the secret seven badge.

The seven got into all sorts of adventures: recovering a stolen violin, tracing a dog thief, finding stolen medals in the woods, getting curious about what is going on in a curious castle....

I think there were 3 major reasons why I liked the books:

One because of the sort of independence those kids had, going off to movies by themselves, running off after thieves and robbers in the night, cycling off to watch the circus and so on...

Second was the description of food. Things as simple as lemonade and cookies were described so well that they made my stomach grumble. I remember sitting down to have biscuits and water in an elegant manner after finishing yet another book, pretending to eat what they were eating in the books!:) (I got a similar craving last night when I re-read one of the books in the series). As for when Enid Blyton described tea, my stomach shouted out aloud! Ham and cheese, bacon and eggs, cream tarts, hot chocolate and what not! That got me my love for salami sandwiches which holds till date.

Third was Scamper! What a name for a dog. I can imagine a healthy golden spaniel with mischievious eyes running around licking every person in sight. I loved it when the Secret Seven kept passwords related to Scamper: Scamper, Wuff (his bark), and Thump ( the sound his tail made on the floor). I think that made me laugh a lot as a kid, when Scamper could also pronounce the password.

The town where the seven lived, was an idyllic one, modern yet traditional. They had access to telephones and motor cars, and also to the nearby woods. I always enjoyed the way she described the woods.
"The woods were full of springing bluebell leaves, their long green spikes standing guard over the flowers pushing up between them. "
"They had their lunch in the bluebell wood with the blackbirds and thrushes singing loudly overhead, and a little robin hopping around their feet, waiting for a crumb."

As this was my first series ever (rather first book ever) I have a soft corner for them, even though Famous Five are a much better read with the characters more defined.

But still as Enid blyton used to conclude her books, Way to go Secret Seven!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Since 1995!

Yet another fulfilling visit to a book store, and three expected-to-be-good buys inspired me to trace my reading history. I have been reading since 2nd standard. That makes it since 1995. Simple maths:D and its been 14 great years in a wonderful relationship. Books are, so to say, my childhood sweethearts. I have been known by friends and family as someone who gets so lost in books that even going to the washroom in between reading, becomes an onerous task :D. To all the romantic couples out there, beat this commitment.

The first book I read was a Secret Seven by Enid Blyton. I went on to Famous Fives, Five Find outers. Took breaks with Archies. Went on to school books: Malory Towers, St. Clares, Naughty Girl Series, Classic series: Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Pollyanna and lot of other single classic novels: The Old fashioned Girl, The princess, Daddy Long legs etc. Then came the Nancy Drews, Hardy Boys, Twins of Sweet Valley. Then came onto Jeffery Archers..And now devour arbit authors: Vikram Seth, Gregory David Roberts, J.D.Salinger, Robin Cook, P.G.Wodehouse...A long and varied list..

So I have decided to dedicate this December to book reading and book reviewing. Starting tomorow, I will start from the first book I ever read and take you through my 14 yr old journey.

Get set and go!!!!:)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Welcome Aboard!

All your prayers have paid off! I am finally a consultant:)
I got a job in Opera Solutions on the 1st of December, 2008.

15 interviews and then this job in hand, to decribe what I went through would take a lot more characters and a lot more retrospection.

What I' doing right now: Relaxing for the first time in many months and enjoying every minte of it