Friday, May 09, 2008

whats cooking these days part 2

white chane/punjabi chole(for 3 people)
ek katori chane
2 medium sized pyaaz
2 medium sized tamatar
1/2 inch ginger(adrak)
2 harimirch
namak to taste(3/4th teaspoon)
aam choor(3/4th teaspoon)
chana masala/chicken masala(catch/everest/MDH)
sukhi methi(calld kasuri methi)
kali mirch sabut(3-4)
coffee powder

overnight bhigo ke rakho..

take chane and add elaichi and ltl salt nd water to just cover in cooker..let it boil on high flame..den keep on sim after 1 whistle fr 20 mins

side by side prepare masala..add oil, den pyaaz den adrak den harimirch den oder masalas nd all...aftr onions turn pinkish brown, add tamatar..keep stirring...till masala pak jaaye...after ample time, add chane..nd 1/2 teaspoon coffe powder..(add water also of chane: DNT THROW IT AWAY)..let it mix..add dhania also...keep mixin under heat..
and punjabi chole are readyyyyyyyyyy!!!:):)

PS: now tats it...more aftr my bored of this now..3 dishes more than enuf..:):)

whats cooking these days!

Just putting recipes here so that they're always accessible to me and also to show off what all I am cooking these days:)

Lemon Chicken (to be served as starter)
1 spoon oil
1/4th kali mirch
1/4th jeera
chicken(2 leg piece)..
lemon:1 lemon

first add oil, den jeera, den kaali mirch, den chicken..keep mixing on sim..den add lemon..keep switch off gas and keep it covered..and thats it..its simple..its less oil..nd its yummyyyy

Gravy Chicken (main course)
garlic-lassan(7-8 pieces)
adrak(1 piece)

cut onions and lassan(garlic) and adrak..make paste if mixie..add to kadhai..add oil...let it become brown/dark pink..
then add tomatoes(2-3 big ones)..mix..
add salt to taste(1 teaspoon)..chicken masala if available..haldi..long..elaichi
mix and make add chicken pieces(3 leg pieces)..keep heatin till pak jaaye..
do it on sim flame..
if u have to make chicken wid gravy, add to cooker..add water to just cover the chicken..heat..

chicken ready tra la la la

Sunday, May 04, 2008


We all have our idiosyncrasies. Some weird habit thats so normal to us, but annoying to others. Some people talk too much, some talk too less, some shake their legs continously, some knock their fingers, some drag their feet while walking, some sing tuneless and continuous, some sing in tune and continuous.

But its weird how, if you like someone, either as a friend or as a lover, the same habit becomes a sign of familiarity. Something which was annoying earlier, becomes an action you tend to love and miss. Thats the reason I think we can never criticize or find faults with our loved ones. Because we fall in love with their absurdities too. Absurd isn't it?:)

A beautiful statement by Carrie
"Somewhere out there, is another little freak who will love us, understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better"- Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)