Thursday, November 30, 2006

before sunrise and sunset

i saw both these movies ..before sunrise yesterday and before sunset im too lazy to write the plot of these movies here, so if u dont know the plot u can go to these links(trust me it is worth it)
all i want to write is that i loved both of them..its enchanting to see how both these movies can enrapture the audience when all they have throughout is conversation between the two protagonists..but somehow u dont seem like missing even one sentence of their talk..beautiful movies, both of them...a must see for romantics as well for cynics who believe love doesnt exist..

"i really wish they would allow gay people to marry"..."well they do, only not to the same sex"

"i really wish they would allow gay people to marry"..."well they do, only not to the same sex"
these are dialogues from a play i read today by mahesh dattani-"On a muggy night in mumbai"
the play was about homosexuality.this is a topic i have heard about, but this is the first time i got such an insight to how difficult society is to them.pretty nice play i wud reflects about how different people have different ways of dealing wid their homosexuality.its about a group of guy is married and has sex on the side.another guy is afraid to admit so he goes to a shrink and tries to believe that it is a disease which can be cured and yet another guy leaves india for britian sayin that he cant be a homosexual and an indian.
that line affected me a lot and forced me to think about why the situation here is so i decided to do some research into homosexuality laws here.
this is what wikipedia had
"Gay marriage is not a debated issue in India, a country where homosexuality is still technically illegal. Except for a few sporadic incidents, homosexuality or same-sex marriages are almost never discussed in public though the situation has changed significantly."
"There is no legal recognition of same-sex couples under Indian law. During a recent visit to India by the Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was asked by a journalist what he thought of the new law allowing gay marriage in Canada. His reply was that "there would not be much appreciation for a law like that in India," and he went on to talk about how they were culturally very different societies."
pretty primitive right?but thats what we are:D..well i cant even say they are because i know that at some point or the other i have been a part of the society that makes fun of such people.look at how gay men are projected in the serials for laughs.
but i guess, after reading this play i'll be a little more sensitive to this cause.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

my little bride

i just watched this movie yesterday and really found it sweet..."my little bride"....its a korean movie..its about this guy and girl who have been childhood friends as their families are very close..they are forced to get married by their grandfather(whos pretending to be on the death bed) when the girl is just 15 in high here arrives a married couple where the girl is yet a small kid and the guy in his prime age (around 22) so he wants to flirt around..its a really cute story of how they fall in love and realize the essence of their marriage...criously, koreans and korean movies are soo cute[:D]..they have this fresh feel about them...everything looks beautiful in their movies..

Monday, November 20, 2006

im freeeeee todayyy

my endsems just ended totally for 40 of of of getting up in the morning..perhaps this feeling has yet not sunk in...of being free....maybe that or maybe due to some other also sad..
sometimes i think that i am sad too often...weird but sumwhere i think i like being sad...makes me think about things which i being sad makes me happy...told u its weird...
i want a day alone...alone from anyone i know...for myself...just me and my thoughts...then only can i really get connected with the world...maybe wen i go shut myself in the room for a day and do what i want to...i want to be in the rajai in the cold wid a novel in hand and sipping warm tea..i want a day wen i do wat i want to ...widout caring for anyone else...a day wen my wishes rule me...i want to sit in crossword for hours together...i want to maybe go to CCD alone, order a coffee and stay there reading a novel or writing for hours till i get bored of that..i want to sleep indefinitely till i wake up on my own..
its gud being mind just keeps thinking of things i want to do....