Sunday, February 17, 2008

Midsem week!

Disclaimer:This is written for the sole purpose of cribbing!

I don't like studying..I don't like exams..and I don't like people who make me J by going out and having fun when I cant..

I want something good to eat..I want to sleep..I want to finish my anything but study..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Those were the best days of my life!

Innumerable night outs....

Shameless oversleeping and running for lectures..

Ridiculous reasoning to get tests postponed..

Absolutely absurd excuses for coming late to class..

Flippantly forgetting about quizzes..

Reckless rush for last minute submissions..

Constant cribbing about mess food..

Leisurely loitering at lakeside..

Walking around getting drenched in rains..

Cursing the unfair sex ratio..

Teasing everyone and anyone nonchalantly..

The first crush..the first date..

The first cigarette..the first drink..

Complaining about everything the institute had or did..

But loving it even more every moment ..

There are countless intangible things that we take away with us from IIT Bombay apart from the degree. What we are when we enter, and what we become, as we leave this institute, are two completely different personalities. And definitely, the change is for the better. Lord only knows the reason for the change, for such an amazing grooming—whether it’s the campus, the academics or the impressive seniors who always show us how much more we can improve.

Whoever be the magician, the institute has cast a spell on each and every person who has stayed in it. A spell which keeps calling us back to it, forcing us to miss it daily. For our mission, we are hoping to remind everyone of the magical times(if they need any reminding!) so that people will shell out some money to give something back to the institute.


Friday, February 01, 2008

One for the cravings!

I am one of the worst people I know in terms of food cravings..

Thai vegetable rice
Black forest pastry
Cheese pasta

That makes it Pop Tates, Red Box and Pizza Hut

Presently, I have people who listen to my whims and take me out to satisfy these urges. And I live in Bombay, where cravings can normally be satisfied by a single auto ride. Dunno how long this will last. Thats why I want the future to be like the present. Always..