Saturday, October 21, 2006

diwali day

today i came home for diwali..just reached chandigarh early morning so and had travelled by bus the entire nite so i was pretty exhausted the whole day..we had loads of guests the entire day so was on my feet the whole time.its nite now and im exhausted..physically
im thinkin a lot about so many random things..seems like suddenly i have infinite time for thinking..i went to an old couples place today whose children live in the states and realized how alone they are..tat sort of reminded me tat in the future however busy i may get i shud make it a point to take care of mine nd my future hubby's(;)he he) parents..bahut door ki soch lag rahi hogi but tats me:)
also saw a bit of the movie "chandni" and started thnking tat love can last through difficult and seeming hopeless situations like losing a limb...
btw i love ghar ka khaana totally..tat was the best part of the day..and i have to go for dinner now-chicken biryani ..tats like a tradition 4 r family on wil continue later