Saturday, July 19, 2008


A recommendation from moi:

Watch this:

Be born everyday..aaj rockstar kal pilot and who knows what the day after..

Kabhi kisi anjaan station pe utar kar dekho
Kabhi kisi gumnam shahar ka ticket katao

Doosro ki galtiyon se kya seekhna; make your own mistakes yaar..

And never resemble your passport photo for more than 3 months
Har subah shock your reflection


Bachpan me to kya kuch nahi ban na chahte the
Why not today

Be born..everyday


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Schlumberger Internship-Summer 2008

Thats me:)

I put this pic on orkut, and a junior commented "Oh man!", my reply was " Oh woman!" *grin*

I was in the wireline segment at Schlumberger, Baroda. As wireline engineers, we are the people who send tools down into the oil well to check its various properties and hence give readings which help people know the well conditions *in very layman language:)* Also we are engineers with the most rigorous schedules and perhaps the best paid among all. We deal with catwalks, dog houses and monkey boards *these are all components of a rig:D*. We also deal with guns, explosives and radioactive sources:D

Its been a very different month for me. I have been on an oil rig twice - once for 26 hours and the next for about 8 hours. I've done it all right from washing oil off the tools to holding equipment while getting drenched in the rain to standing within about 3 metres of a radioactive source. I've used the hammer, the filer, the wire clipper, solder iron etc. again *mech workshop memories*. I've worn double layer of clothing for 32 days in the summer heat. I have worked for 40 days straight without any holiday * no weekends*.

I have also watched every movie released- hastey hastey, sarkar raaj, mere baap pehle aap, indiana jones. I have played TT, carrom and chess. I have eaten awesome food *courtesy our cook babun*- fish, prawns, chicken, mutton, pancakes, pasta etc. I have gained 3 kgs *sniff sniff:( * I have had a chauffer driven car take me to office and drop me home everyday *grin grin*. I have cooked dinner with 4 indians, a thai and an american.

Most importantly, I have met an amazing set of people. Everyone from a different background with a different story, but each one with a hearty sense of humour.

Cheers to Schlumberger Baroda for making summer of 2008 such a memorable experience!:)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Gossip!

Eccentric relatives and mind boggling family trees
Marriage of Blah's daughter with Blah's son
Grudge for this gift and that money
Divorce of Blah's son and Blah's daughter
New borns, and passed aways
Burlesque, mockery and snorts of laughter

This is how I would describe family gossip sessions:). I just had one when I went to Delhi to my relatives place. Everyime I go I'm treated to a new eccentricity of some new relative, with an amazing imitation(thanks to mami:) ) of the same. A treat to the eyes, ears and the heart:D

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jaane tu ya jaane na..

A little late to be putting this on blog, but better late than never.

One awwesssommmee movie, left me wondering why it only got 2.5 stars. Hell of an entertainer with the right amount of smiles and laughter. Excellent acting by every one. Perfect casting! Imran Khan is too cute to miss, and I love Genelia's clothes.

All in all, a must watch and a very fresh performance. I wouldn't mind going for it a second time.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


“One man's "magic" is another man's engineering. "Supernatural" is a null word.”

---Robert A. Heinlein

The above words have never seemed truer to me. Today, I came across an article which talked about a machine called Rep Rap which can duplicate 3 D objects. A 3 Dimensional xerox machine!

I have never read of anything more amazing and astounding. Though it is slow at present and has lot of limitations, it can be improvised with time. It could be used to replicate itself also. It is mind boggling to think of the vast impacts it will have.
Imagine what it can do to the manufacturing industry. The cost of setting up an industry, hiring labor, etc. all reduced to one simple machine!

It almost seems like a device hurtling out of a science fiction novel. The concept could be thought of as self reproducing robots. We could say,


By such discoveries, is man interfering with nature or is he doing exactly what the nature intends him to do. Maybe nature intends him to discover the ultimate truth of existence, of this universe gradually through such experiments, through science. The day we end up making a world of machines similar to the world that has been made for us, would perhaps be the ultimate day.

Maybe Science is God and God is Science?