Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Airport Talkies

Place: Mumbai Airport
Reason: Traveling back to college, came to Bombay for my visa interview. Yours truly is going to be in San Francisco for her summer internship.
Time: 5:45 pm, Thursday, 25th March.

Unless there is some pressing work at the other end, airports can be a lovely place to spend time in. And one of the many things that I love about Mumbai is its new airport.
(Friends call me a promotion advertisement for Mumbai.
Mumbai this, Mumbai that.
Mumbai there, Mumbai here.
But I genuinely can’t help it. Mumbai is where home is & Mumbai is where heart is.

Call me kiddish, but I love the brightness of the airport. The many counters of food, chocolate donuts, steamed coffee, stark red colors, the plush seats, hot dogs, newspapers, overhearing snatches of conversations, interesting pieces of luggage (for example, the female seated opposite me is holding a huge tweety soft toy, making the ‘curious me’ worrying about who she is taking it for). The reason I love airports most is the random thoughts that sift through my minds while traveling, which inspire me to write every single time. Perhaps this is the only time there is nothing at all to do, no work to worry about, no assignment to finish and no quiz to prepare for. Airports are also a great place to catch up on novels, undisturbed with no buzzes by people in between. Having chosen consulting as a career, it is good that I like airports, considering the fact that I might be spending a considerable amount of time traveling.

Thursday, March 11, 2010