Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a beautiful morning..

i had a beautiful morning today...went to lakeside to study at 7..had an awesum time studying there...
the fountain..the white birds..the fresh air..the lake..the trees..all induced a certain placidness in me..
tats how i wud describe lakeside in one word:placid
how would you describe it?(sorry i guess question can only be answered by IITB students)

1 more to go...

5 xams down..(down in the literal sense also:D)..and 1 to go..not bad..
my todays blog is arbit sentences...maybe related..maybe not..
1) i am craving like hell to go home..need a break..been a damn hectic but nice sem really(tho tat will depend on my grade also)anyways really looking forward to hols.
2) life is not always the way it seems to be..things are not as one says they are..there are 2 sides of everything..2 sides of a coin..we just prefer not to look at the other side..
3) my family matters most to me in life..
4) this summer i am doing what i love most..i am following my heart..studying literature as i have always wanted to..im excited about it..
5) lit xam made me fall in love wid lit all over again..for anyone interested in reading, read "the garden of forking paths" by J.L.Borges..it deals with the concept of parallel time..aweeesssumm short story..
6) world's shortest short story:by ernest heminghway
for sale:baby shoes, never worn
we got this for interpretation in lit xam..i wont spoil it by telling the interpretation...u guess..u think..
7) il get to study J.D.Salinger's "the catcher in the rye" this summers..tats a buk loved by me and my best friend..we both always wanted to analyse it and im getting the chance to do it now:):)..
8) i donated blood this sem and it really felt gud:):)..so people be unhesitant in donating blood..it will not make you weak..trust me ..i am 47 kgs and they still took my blood and i was jumping after donating:P:P

Friday, April 20, 2007

happiness recipe

Anne had said to Marilla once, "I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
this is a line from one of my favorite books...anne of green gables series..i had forgotten dem and just read abt dem on sum1 elses blog...
wat has been said above is so true..small thngs give you so much happiness..which we dont get from big successes also..and blessed are those who can appreciate these small pleasures...
so i decided to look at my day today to weigh my happy moments and sad ones..
1) i did a veryyy stupic blunder in my xam which cost me 12 marks..very very stupid mistake..
2) one of my friends hurt me in jest almost making me cry..
1) my hostel tshirt came out..nd i went studying to the liby wearing it:D:D
2) i finished studying my course at 1100 and d xam was at 1430:D
3) i liked the dal today for lunch
4) i read an arbit person's blog, liked it and found out tat she had written about my fav book
5) i checked out that the liby has some novels that i have to read in summers
6) and i enjoyed writing this blog..

now, tho the things i am happy about may seem to be trivial..but they do outweigh my sad parts of the day...tho the sad parts seem more serious..hence proving the fact a nice day is defined by small pleasures rather than huge successes..
so u got ur small pleasure of reading my blog already today:D:)
be happy:)

xam time

my endsems are on dese days..so not writing much.. dedicating this to endsems tho:D:D:D

Monday, April 09, 2007

don't let life lead you..lead your life..

there used to be a time when i used to crib a lot..a lot means a lot..now i have reduced considerably..because of a recent realisation..tat there is a way by you can make everything you do in life fun..everything can be made interesting..its upto you..
infact even a quiz or assignment can be made very exciting to do..a challenge..just depends on your perception..on your attitude towards it..
whenever i am in a slightly sad mood i start analysing it and realise that its up to me to be happy or sad..sumthng tat always helps me to improve my mood is good music..nd just the thought that i should learn to be happy by myself..and i think i have learnt it a lot..whenever you feel like crying or feel sad, just get up , wash your face, put on good music and get busy doing something..i dont think you can't resist bad moods if you want to..
also a funda which i developed..everything that happens to you is because of you..there is no luck factor..somewhere or the other its your fault or your good efforts' results..so no point cribbing that life is unfair as its in your hands to make it better..and if you're losing time cribbing..well then suffer..
i guess this is a bit harsh..but really helps me to be happy..
as the heading says, dont let life lead you..lead your life..

Friday, April 06, 2007


i met this lady ranjani saigal at PAN IIT in decmber..she was an IITB alumni, civil engg batch 1981..i heard her giv a talk in one of the series of lectures and den decided to interview her..just remembered the talk so writin dwn something interesting she said..
  • it is surprising that in todays world the sitauation of women is as such..in villlages and even loads of families in urban areas, they are still looked down upon as those who can only handle the house..surprising that men donot trust women's capabilities inspite of the fact that when God was distributing portfolios he gave the most important ones to women..namely lakshmi, finance..saraswati, education...shakti, defence..
  • this lady is someone who went on to perfom a show in which she depicted DNA structure through bharatnatyam..an unheard of culmination of tech and cult..it seems the person who sponsored the show said"i dnt understand your concept but since you're an IITian i am sure whatever you do, you'll make it a success..so im givin u d money"
talkin to her made me feel that we have such a huge platform which is IIT to do whatever we want in life..its a waste not to use it to follow our passions..as for me..my passion is writing...and im tryin my best to work on my writing these days..i started writing for insight, write in my job and have now proposed the starting of a department newsletter too..
sumday maybe u all wil read a book by me[:d]..hehehe..