Thursday, January 01, 2009

Of 2009 and new year resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone:)
Last year has been an eventful one, with internship, CAT and then placement season.
And thankfully, its been a successful one in almost all respects:)
And now for another year, 2009! Thats when I will start working in a new city, Noida. (I don't know if I mentioned this before on the blog, but yes, ALAS! I am finally going to leave Mumbai after an amazing 8 year stay here)

I guess we do find reasons to make every year eventful:)

As for my new year resolutions:

1) I WILL read slowly and learn something from every book I read and jot down my observations somewhere. (I have been thinking of doing this for the last so many years but have been too lazy to follow this)
2) I am somehow going to work on my writing style in professional terms and try and improve it.
3) I am going to try every good restaurant in Bombay as I can before leaving the city ( atleast as many as possible)
4) And I plan to try all the weird outfits I have ever wanted to, before going into the life of business suits!


Vikash said...

your writing is already good. all you need is more confidence. :)

anema said...

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