Thursday, November 12, 2009

To memories!

We never know when we're making a memory, perhaps if we knew, we would try and frame them in our minds better. This blogpost and some more in the future are dedicated to the memories that I have had in my life, the moments that have touched me: some crazy, some beautiful, some painful, some heartbreaking, some utterly romantic, some hugely embarrassing. Perhaps its an attempt to crystallize them before they burst away like bubbles.

Also, since some of these memories may have been shared with close friends, the other readers of the blog may not connect. So go on reading only if you have too much time to kill! And please pardon the fact that my writing is rusty from not having written for effectively almost an year.


So, R, N and I happened to be the only ones of the gang left on a particular weekend in IITB. And it turned out to be the HOSTEL IDOL weekend. Our amazing singing capabilities, (in case anyone is in doubt, Nithya is not the N, I donot wish people to even remotely confuse us immensely talented people with her:D) and the immense confidence that being in the final year had given us, and probably the lure of more masala in the valfies led us to participate in the competition. We decided to perform two songs, "Tu Tu hai wahi" and "Eli re Eli". We practised our lungs out and realised that our real talent could only be our costumes or rather their absence;) and not our melodious and cacophonous voices. Hence we went on to invent quite innovative costumes inspired by our songs. Our girl audience am sure would not have forgotten getting such a sight of their fourthies. People who are as talented as us and who have never got a chance to display their talent before, will understand the high that we must have got when we were given the mic and a full audience. We went on blaring into the mic, full of optimism, cheered on by our very supportive audience, adjusting our costumes fearing a wardrobe malfunction, forgetting all lines except for the chorus. Inspite of the ruckus we created, we managed our way into the second round (final year senti) but then lost to a freshie who had to be adjudged the best to encourage future talent!! Yet another bead in the string of crazy/foolish doings in last semester :)

But later that night, C, G and I had the mic and the superlounge to ourselves and we performed every favorite song, disturbed every person in the neighbouring rooms shamefully, danced till our feet ached, laughed till our throats parched. A moment that stays close to my heart.

TIP:For anyone who fears dancing and singing, get a mic, trust me it makes the fear go whizzzzz!!!!


Nimit said...

Nice! I seriously cannot imagine you doing all this. But well college changes us all and everybody does crazy stuff! Great read.

Ps: Nice to have you back blogging :)

Garima said...

hehe :) one of the crazy things we did in our last sem!! last sem was fun :D

Ravali said...

I still keep singing tht 'tu tu hai wahi' song sumtimes =))) and i kind of feel proud tht i am able to get to the second verse ;)

Gurveen Bedi said...

@Nimit:hehe ul get to knw weirder things if u ask my batchmates:)..waise nice to be bak blogging too:)

@gary:It was fun..infii:)

@rava:hehe i as usual have frgtten the lyrics..but kinda feel proud we actually performed tat:P

Nithya said...

Awww, I miss you guys!
Anyway, that night, you were first in my book. And what an entrance you folks made :) Gauri's still scandalized :p